the raw milk cheese

Raw milk cheeses are more expensive to produce than pasteurized milk ones, the most valuable because keeping intact the original bacterial flora are characterized by tipical flavors and aromas.To produce a raw milk cheese of high quality it is necessary to create favorable conditions and should be used some tricks. As for the production of pasteurized milk cheese, refrigerated milk can be used, also collected every 2-3 days, while the milk must be of impeccable bacteriological quality and must be collected morning and evening in the vicinity of the place of production and worked as fresh as possible. The raw milk is often coagulated at a temperature of milking.
For this reason, raw milk cheeses are specialties and local products come from small craft. Producing raw milk cheese is possible to have much higher forms waste, as may occur, in the early stages of maturation, defects due to abnormal fermentations in cheese from pasteurized milk that could inhibits the process of pasteurization.
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